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'Origami' Almere, NL 2000

floating architectural & archeological centre for CasLa

oscillating shapes
since both centres are dealing with culture, one in a more historical way, the other one as a catalyst for future urban development the proposal seeks to connect them for the benefit of both.
both have an 'irregular shape' that gives them a characteristic appearance.
as they are floating on water the possibility of organize them in different ways is turned into an architectonical concept: oscillating shapes forming a related entity in any kind of arrangement.

plan level 0 - 1

possible dispositions

architecture & use
the two buildings are divided in two main levels: exhibition level and supporting level. the exhibition space is subdivided in two splitted ramps which ascend to the cinema space. sliding shutters along the facade provide enough space for hanging exhibition material. in addition it is foreseen to suspend turnable walls from the ceiling. they are moveable along the bearing iron trusses.
the projection booth as well as the reception equipment is flexible. at the two possible entrance areas are fixed water connections.

- multifunctional floorplan in the exhibition parts
- self-renewing appearance from the outside (origami). change your look according to your exhibitions.
- flexible entrances : where you start your tour depends on what kind of exhibition is running at the moment
- connect the buildings in different ways for bigger shows in coproduction with casa (centre for archaeological studies almere)

view from outside

inner structure

the needed air in the pontoon which allows the buildings to float in the water is firstly lost space. this will turn to advantage by using this space for functions, such as storage, toilets, assembly room, offices.
the construction on top of the pontoon is made as alight weight steel constructions with glas facades.