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'Dune' Århus Harbour Area, Århus DK

The competition entry focusses on the inner harbour district where diverse interests collide most violently. The intervention aims to turn the well known problems into a positive potential for city and harbour.
The emphasis lies in disconnecting the ‘gordic knot’ in the first place in order to put the different elements together again in a more appropriate way both for city and harbour.

Aerial View 2
Aerial View 1

THE DUNE is landscaped architecture that combines traffic solutions, city - related - functions such as business, culture and accessibility by public and private transport with aspects of recreation and urban life.
THE DUNE is a civic forum that connects not only the city centre to the harbour and sea but moreover links also the districts of TRØJBORG and MIDTKRAFT to the center.
THE DUNE is public park with a splendid view over city, harbour and sea, enriched by differentiated green spaces, sports facilities, restaurants and an openair area.
THE DUNE is the stage for scintillating city life as well as a space for contemplative recreation.

1.  relocating harbour road and harbour track along waterfront in order to disconnect the different traffic systems.
THE CITY will benefit of less negative impact by heavy traffic.
The harbour will profit of a good running traffic system with fast connection.
2.  covering the traffic lines by a public park by two possible sub-phases:
2.1. covering the Europaplads-junction:
The city will have a connection to the harbour from the Mindebrogade
2.2 covering the traffic lines up north:
the whole city centre will have access to the harbour and sea between
Europaplads and Sibirien
3.  introducing a new circular tramway to strengthen public transport.

Harbour Area

Infrastructure 1      Infrastructure 2

The decision to leave harbour track and harbour road at ground level will be less costly than building a technically complicated tunnel below ground and waterlevel.
The construction costs of the covering will be paid to a large extent by the additional functions such as paid-parking-lot, shopping centre, ferry terminal, harbour museum etc.